DulciForte (20/20+) Hammer Dulcimer


Revolutionary Innovation

Ranges A1 – A6 – 5 total octaves
(Nearly 4.5 fully chromatic octaves)

Many players have requested it for years, and we are very proud to deliver the DulciForte. This highly anticipated, professional model is truly top-of-the-line in every way. For more than 4 years, we consulted with the world’s leading performers to create our best instrument. Most importantly, the DulciForte is about quality sound and playability. It is for those who want the best without compromise. The increased size, along with our unique design and techniques, creates a revolutionary instrument that is balanced, responsive, powerful, and pure. Once you hear it, you will understand! Like all Master Works instruments, the DulciForte is portable and only weighs approximately 18.5 pounds.

Range and Tuning Charts
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Product Description

The DulciForte includes these features:
  • 20/20 XR configuration with a 5-octave chromatic range
  • Highly engineered Mahogany & Redwood soundboard to add a touch of attitude
  • Precisely designed pinblocks to reduce weight
  • Sustain of the lower range controlled by Dual-Response Bridges (Morado combined with Cherry)
  • Wound strings on lower courses
  • Beautiful, dark stained top, or natural finish
  • Curly Maple inlaid bridge markers
  • Exotic wood endrails (a favorite adornment of Russell’s!)
  • XR bass bridge available on either left or right side
  • Contrasting wood bindings on both endrails
  • Contrasting wood corner end cap trim
  • Internal sealant to improve stability in new environments and humidity changes
  • Playing precision and accuracy improved with slightly increased string spacing
  • Enhanced tuning stability and decreased weight achieved by adding carbon fiber to internal bracing
  • Elliptical sound holes, round upon request
Stock Instrument Designs

We do our best to keep these designs in stock & ready to ship. They include all standard features of the DulciForte.

  • XR-Right configuration (XR-Left configuration requires a custom order)
  • Brown stained soundboard
  • Zebrawood endrails
  • Peruvian walnut endrail bindings and end cap trim
  • Harrison Rose soundhole or custom inlay available upon request
  • XR-Right configuration (XR-Left configuration requires a custom order)
  • Red-brown stained soundboard
  • Bubinga endrails
  • Curly maple endrail bindings & end cap trim
  • Harrison Rose soundhole or custom inlay available upon request
For custom orders, these upgrades are available:
  • Super exotic wood endrails
  • Schatten pickups & installation
  • Curly Maple pinblocks
  • Pinblock trim
  • Pinblock veneer
  • Stained back
  • Abalone endrail inlay
  • Abalone bridge marker inlay
  • Abalone soundhole inlay
  • Abalone damper inlay
  • Damper trim
  • Custom soundhole

To order a custom instrument, please contact us or talk to your representative.

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Brown/Zebrawood, Red/Bubinga



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