Master Works Russell Cook Edition (17/17c) Hammer Dulcimer


We have chosen the most popular configuration options for our website. To personalize your hammer dulcimer with additional custom choices, please call. Before purchasing, please reference Hammer Dulcimer Models Comparison for detailed information about our hammer dulcimers. Please reference the wood choices guide to assist with choosing your exotic endrails.

We also offer super exotic endrails, please call for availability.

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Product Description

Normal Sustain, Rosewood Bridges

Low Sustain Setup, Rosewood Bridges

During many conversations, I’ve been asked what would I include in an instrument built the way I would like it most. That got me thinking it might be wise and beneficial to simply offer a model called, for the lack of a better name, “The Russell Cook Edition”. How ingenius, huh?? So, what would I put in my dream instrument (which I play every day)?

  • Scalloped bridges which lightens them and makes them more flexible
  • Rosewood bridges which produce a rich mellow tone
  • Chromatic option
  • Redwood stripped into the soundboard to add just a touch of it’s attitude and tone
  • Redwood braces to amplify the effects of Redwood in the soundboard
  • Mahogany back to amplify and deepen tone
  • Redwood stripped into the back to amplify the effects of Redwood in the soundboard
  • Thinned and honeycombed internal endrails to lighten the instrument AND to create an extension of the soundboard thus making them musical rather than just structural
  • Note honeycombing technique in photo gallery
  • Thinned and tapered external endrails for the same reasons as the internal endrails
  • Dark stained top to visually aid seeing the strings in unusual or poor lighting
  • Extra slots along the edge of the soundboard to make it more vibrant
  • Separated bridge caps (Delrin) to help control sustain
  • Exotic wood in the endrails (my personal favorite!)
  • Wound Strings on lower end
  • Special sound hole inlays, exclusive to the Russell Cook Edition

Does it all make a difference and is it worth the trouble, time, and cost of doing it? I sincerely believe it does. If you want all you can get out of your once in a life-time instrument, this instrument is for you–I wouldn’t have anything else for myself.

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Exotic Endrails

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Stain / Color

Red, Brown, Black, Cranberry, Red Brown, Red Black


Maple, Curly Maple ($+100)