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Leather on one side and wood on the other provides mellow or bright tones from the same pair of hammers! Finely crafted, balanced and consistent in dimensions from one pair to the next. Weighs approximately .2 oz per hammer and are 8” long. 6 1/2” from the middle of the grip of the handle to the striking surface. The grip is approx. ½” across. Available with Mahogany, Maple, or Exotic wood shanks and a variety of handle material. Mahogany shanks produce a lighter pair of hammers verses maple wich are somewhat heavier. Exotic wood shanks are even heavier!

Hammers with picks provide a wonderfully easy way to get a third voice from your instrument. The picks are inserted into the bottom of the handle. Turn the hammers vertical in your hands and start plucking away – very easy.

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Regular, Regular Exotic, Treble Clef, Hearts, Hearts Exotic, Celtic Knot, Celtic Knot Exotic


Without Pick, With Pick