~ What tips do you have for long distance travel with my Hammer Dulcimer? ~Mile a Minute

Dear Mile a Minute,

The words “travel” and “summer” DO NOT go together well! I’ve repaired several instruments that have suffered from “trunk-itis” in August and “see-how-hot-I-can-get” in July with the windows rolled up (or rolled down, even). I’m talking the lacquer had bubbled up from the heat! Yuk! What do you do? You treat your instrument like a toddler. You don’t leave it in the car with the windows up or down, you don’t leave it where someone would steal it, you don’t set it where something would fall on it, etc. You keep it at a safe temperature and secure. You don’t let it get dry. You feed it 3 times per day – well, maybe not. Hopefully it needs no diapers! On the serious side, if you fly and don’t put it in an approved aircraft case, you might as well go to Vegas and roll the dice! You might ship it ahead by UPS or other carrier but I have another story concerning that!! Use your head and remember your investment!

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