What instrument options are available?

  • The Pioneer model is available with a high quality laminated Birch or solid Sapelli top and may be stained to improve the ability to see the strings. It comes with case, stand, tuner wrench and hammers – a great starting package with a full sized great sounding instrument!!
  • The Full-sized instrument always has a Mahogany soundboard, which may be stained, and may have Walnut or Cherry rails with Rosewood bridges. (Rosewood bridges produce a darker, mellower tone). This model, our original 15/14 full sized instrument sounds almost as good as the 16/15 Ultralight.
  • The Ultralight is available with the same choices as the full-sized model plus additional choices of endrail materials, contrasting bindings and the addition of the chromatic option, mics, or dampers. These options are available added to your instrument when ordered or even at a later time!
  • Some less frequently chosen options available include wound strings (gives lower pitched strings a beefier sound), an additional bass course at the bottom of the bass bridge and lowering the sustain by separating the bridge caps (may be done at a later time).

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