May I go for a tour of the Master Works Workshop?

Why of course!  We would love for you to visit Bennington, OK located in the beautiful southeastern corner of the state.  There are lots of rolling hills filled with rivers, various types of timber, wildflowers, wildlife (no, I don’t mean the casinos!), not to forget the Native American history throughout – home of more Indian tribes than any other state in the union.  Sure, please come see us if you are traveling east or west on I-40 just north of us or I-30 or I-20 just to our south in Texas or going north or south on I-35, the Indian Nation Parkway or U.S. Highway 69 or 75 in eastern Oklahoma.  Why not get off the freeways and travel U.S. Highway 70 that starts at the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Lookout near Beaufort, North Carolina.  It parallels I-40 much of the trip to the middle of Arizona!  It was one of the prime trails of travel from the east coast to California in the 1930s.  Or if you are touring the famous Route 66, take a side-trip of a couple hours and come visit.

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