I’ve broken a string on my Hammer Dulcimer, what do I do?

Removing the broken string

There is a 50/50 chance the broken string will be hooked to the hitch pin (where the loop is) below the other string since they are in pairs and use the same hitch pin.  Use needle nose pliers to bend the broken string back and forth and break loose or loosen the other string and lift it off first.


Preparing to put the new string on

Begin by turning the tuning pin counter-clockwise about 3 turns.  This will locate the top of the pin higher than the others.


Putting on the new string

Hook the new string (check string gauge chart for proper size string) on the hitch pin and pull taught across to the tuning pin through the appropriate bridge.  Cut the new string about 1.5″ past the tuning pin.  Insert the string into the tuning pin (left side-insert from bottom; right side-insert from top) and crimp the very tip of the string (about 1/8″ long) very sharply (90 degrees).  Pull the crimped end of the string back to the tuning pin and start turning the tuning pin slowly.  Be careful to wrap the string in a “candy cane” fashion.  DO NOT allow the string to lap over itself.  Pull the string tight while carefully locating it about 1/8″ from the accompanying string.



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