Can I add modern options such as chromatics, microphones or dampers to an older Master Works hammer dulcimer?

Yes, well, probably!  Designs evolve a little every year.  We never get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing day after day, year after year, decade after….well, you get the idea of one of our many philosophies here at Master Works.    We hope this attitude of always searching for a better solution, better sound, lighter body, more efficient bridges, additional notes and such will produce better and better instruments over the years….and it does!!!

So, some things that we can do after-the-fact include chromatics, microphones, dampers, wound strings, change inlays, restringing, etc.   Older Russell Cook and Master Works instruments have different bridges so they may have to be altered or replaced with modern bridges to facilitate chromatics.  Older instruments with chromatics may have to have modern chromatics added to facilitate dampers.  Some instruments have to have a second hand port added in the back to facilitate the installation of internal contact microphones.  The best answer to your questions will come from a personal conversation with the good folks here in the Master Works office.  We should be able to figure it out on the phone with you so you know just what is necessary to attain your goals and keep you making the best music possible.

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